reids wall of art

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My little lady Reid is still obsessed with hearts, stars and thankfully flowers:)  I just hung up the rest of her pictures and random goodies that could be attached to the wall with nails or “florist’s sticky tape”….(for those of you not sure of what this is ….it is a must have for any crafty girl)….seriously sticks to anything.

Hearts= bracebridge dollar store, $3

Painted mirror=my grandmothers, free:)

Gold 3-D stars= bought by my mom…wallmart i think, $15

Vanity= alberfoyle antique market, $120

Full length gold mirror=home sense, $45

Embroidered flower art=captians treasures, queen st toronto, $5

photo 6photo 4photo 5photo 2

sun-drenched dining room:)

Tanya List

The amount of sunlight that this new house brings in was the #2 reason for getting this house, #1 being on the water of course…:) We are probably going to save a ton of money, simply because we don’t need the lights on during the day its soooo bright!  The room living room/dinning room is starting to come together.  Still in need of an actual light fixture in the living room and a real gas fireplace (we were too late to get a gas line this year, we have to wait until the spring).  My aunt karen however lives down the street and she had an extra electric fireplace so we scooped it up for the winter:)

Dinning table made from an old door that i found while on a run in the city a few years back.  Ry cut all the cedar and i hammered every single dint in the table……i had a really wicked headache by the end…..but all i can say is that it’s one of my favourite pieces in the house.  In in total cost about $50 and about 4 hours to make.

photo 5

photo 6photo 8

Here is a small project that anyone can do in 30 mins.  All you need is a hot glue gun, rope and a vase.  Cost is under $10.

Before:photo 3  After: photo 11

View from my dinning room, priceless:

photo 7

Open concept dining/living room:

photo 4photo 2

Miss Reid’s room…80% done:)

Tanya List

When it comes to most things in life, it takes a team to get things done.  This project was no exception.  I would first like to thank Grandma List (greatest mom ever) for being my assistant, helped wallpaper (tons of experience…..remember the 80’s??!!), taking care of Reid, sewing flowers, pillows(pictured is only half the amount), trim for curtains, lunch, snacks, u name it, she helped.  Also sista Kelly for coming and taking care of Reid for many, many hours and teaching Reid how to do ring around the rosie with chuckles (the dog).   Also….Lisa Masotti (one of my besties) for giving Reid the most beautiful antique bed!!!!!!  She absolutely loves it, even plays in it.  Hubby Ry modified it with some bed rails so she doesn’t roll right out:)

Here are a few shots of what we were all up to this past week (professional shots to come):

   photophoto 2photo 4 photo 5

photo 6

Furbish Studio (this is my dream)

Tanya List

I day dream often of owing a gorgous retail shop filled with nothing but bright coloured furniture, art, lighting and whatever else i might find along the way.  Furbish Studio located in Raleigh North Carolina is pretty much exactly what i had in mind.  I creep this website and blog i suwannee as many times a week as my life will allow.  Who knows…..maybe one day my dream will come true:)

Here is some of Furbish’s amazing designs:

design_johnson_2_200x200 design_wayland_4_200x200 design_wayland_12_200x200

p.s i actually just bought 2 of these fan chairs in the restore in Bracebridge for Reid’s favorite monkey:)

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.41.30 AM design_bloodworth_1_200x200

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