Grow Something New

We take pride in providing a diverse selection of plants that are as distinct as they are beautiful.
Tanya believes that plants really do make people happy. But more than that, they have the power to ease stress, clean the air we breathe, and increase creatively. Perhaps most important, they look fabulous absolutely everywhere.
You may grow your own plant collection or find a perfect gift at this adorable shop located at 27 Manitoba Street in the Annex, a shared artists space in downtown Bracebridge. You will find a large variety of plants, from tiny succulents to full size trees, that aren’t likely to be found in big box stores.

Our inventory is changing almost weekly as Tanya handpicks selections with a love for all things flowers and foliage. Come and visit us to explore our selection and find the perfect addition to your home or garden.

Special Projects

Offsite foliage design for homes, retail locations, events, film sets, and weddings is available on a project basis. Greenery can be instrumental in adding distinct character and developing warmth and uniqueness in any space. Please contact us for options and pricing.