stencil chair makeover

While still living in Toronto i was out for a run and came across this chair on the side of the road.  I ran home and dragged ry back with me..(do we really need another chair Tanya????…says ry)…oh yes, yes we do…:)

I cleaned it up and left it in the sun all afternoon and it didn’t look half bad.  My intention was to get it re-covered completely in fabric, but then i came across these stencils on-line  AMAZING.  Now all i’m thinking is, how many items in my house can i re-cover with stencils??!!??

Naked chair before:

Chair=$free on the streets of Toronto

     photo 13

Add some chalk paint (amazing paint product, can’t believe this is the first time i’ve used it)  For all colours=about $70

 (I have soooo much left over that it doesn’t even look like i touched the containers….tons more projects to do.)

Stencil from royal design studio, this one is called african plumes: $33

photo 15photo 14

Painting steps:

photo 12photo 10

photo 9 copy 2

Final product:

photo copy 4

photo 7 copy 2

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