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This post is obviously close to my heart because it’s is my own home::))  A lot of blood, sweat and many tears have gone into the building and design of this house.  Our last home in Toronto we designed for resale, we new we were never going to stay there for ever, but this home here in Muskoka is quite possibly our forever home.  The neighbourhood is like none other, those who have visited would definitely agree.  Everyone knows everyone.  We eat together, play together and yes drink together::) When Ry is off flying, one of my neighbours will plow my driveway or cut my lawn.  When i need a babysitter there are 5 on the street.  If i need sugar, butter or wine there are several houses that i can run to. The house is on a street with very little traffic (so much so we host basketball games right in the middle of the street) plus we are located right on the water for boating in our sweet surf boat.  Seriously there really is no where else i would rather live:)

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