how to stencil a wall

A few weeks back i stencilled a wall in my soon to be completed upstairs bathroom makeover.  It was surprisingly was not as much of a pain in the ass as i thought, lol.  I’ve had this stencil for about a year…..been staring at it not sure what i was going to make with, it but knew i would use it one day.  Anyways, it came time to start the bathroom reno and i was going to use wallpaper, then my handy hubby pointed out that it would probably peel off with all the moisture in the bathroom since we use the bath/shower ever day.  I would not tell him this, but he was probably right… i moved on to the stencil.

I bought the stencil at a company called Royal Stencil.  They have a plethora of patterns to choose from, it was hard to decide….so i bought a few…  I then went over to youtube and found a “how to stencil” video, and then gave it a go.  Honestly, i’m totally love the final product and hopefully in the next month the entire bathroom reno will be completed and i can show more pics. There has been a delay in the bathroom reno, it’s been simply impossible to find gold/brass accessories (shower curtain rod, toilet paper roll etc) anywhere in Canada, extremely frustrating so i’m trying to find plan B….hopefully sooner than later:)

supplies=gold metallic paint, roller, stencil, paper towels, paint tray, painters tape and paper to cover the floor.

Use the paper towel to get the “excess” paint off your roller:


over-laping stencil, and repeat a bunch of time:


final product:


sneak peek at my custom shower curtain:


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