grand entrance for a tiny house:)

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Our little house here in Bracebridge is 1350 square feet on the main level, and the finished basement (that ry and i sleep in) is another 850 square feet……..When you see the size of our entrance way it really doesn’t match the rest of the house, its HUGE!  The tiles and light fixtures were already at the house when we arrived…not my favourite, but for now i’m making them work:)

Our front entrance even has french doors to the backyard!

photo 8

Wooden dresser from the bracebridge restore= $75

Art i made a few years back.  With paint and wooden canvas it cost about =$50

Runner, from my fave…home sense:)= $80

Poppies on a cold winter day…= $priceless

photo 10photo 4

photo 3

Reid making her first painting:)

photo 14photo 13

photo 15

Picture wall:

Large mirror i bought about 3 years ago, yup at home sense, it had a chip in it and i paid= $250!!!!

photo 6

Ry’s mom and dad, and my parents…perhaps a few years back:)

photo 7photo 12

reids wall of art

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My little lady Reid is still obsessed with hearts, stars and thankfully flowers:)  I just hung up the rest of her pictures and random goodies that could be attached to the wall with nails or “florist’s sticky tape”….(for those of you not sure of what this is ….it is a must have for any crafty girl)….seriously sticks to anything.

Hearts= bracebridge dollar store, $3

Painted mirror=my grandmothers, free:)

Gold 3-D stars= bought by my mom…wallmart i think, $15

Vanity= alberfoyle antique market, $120

Full length gold mirror=home sense, $45

Embroidered flower art=captians treasures, queen st toronto, $5

photo 6photo 4photo 5photo 2

some ribbon macrame

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My newest obsession is with macrame. I’ve been cutting and copying images for months now. Never have i ever attempted it before, but i thought what the hell:)  I needed a little something for Reids bedroom that would add a touch more colour that wasn’t a painted piece of art.  So i googled macrame and found the easiest knot you could find.  I really hate following any pattern for what ever project i may be into…… i just started randomly tying ribbons together.  Then, through on a few beads (that i’ve had in a box for years) and presto, macrame art for a little ladies bedroom:)

p.s this is a bit of a time consuming project for those of you who wish to try it at home…lol

photo 6







photo 7

A little girls bathroom

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Reid’s bathroom is slowly coming together:)  Here are some pics of some of the items collected and created in the last few weeks.  As always obsessed with homemade art and photographs people i know.  (New lighting, paint to come) If i could have it my way, i would decorate for little girls and little girls only……:)

I made this piece of art a few years back, looks amazing in Reids new bathroom:

photo-2 copy 8

Bathmat from home sense, shower curtain pom-pom sewn on by grandma:

photo-2 copy 6photo-2 copy 5photo-4

Sister (auntie kelly) riding a mini-pony….please pay attention to the smile on her face in all 3 pics!!!:

photo-2 copy 4

Ry and i at 8.5 months pregnant:

photo-2 copy 2Reid at 5 days old:

photo-2 copy 3

Home made art

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I always loved art.  Always wanted art. …..but could really never afford to buy the pieces that i loved.  So, about 6 years ago i marched down to the art shop and purchased the largest canvas they had:)  I stared at it for almost a year before i had the guts to paint it.  Now it’s become an obsession.  I love the instant gratification that you get from seeing the colour become something a little more:)  Below are just a few painting and other random “home-made art” that i hung on the walls today (trust me, i have waaayyy more paintings….ry laughs that we don’t really need to paint the walls anymore…)

This was made from left over grass cloth for the background and tiles from our old bathroom in Etobicoke….i loved those tiles…so granny.  Please excuse the nasty counter tops in the left hand corner…one day they will be changed:


photo 2

Paintings i whipped up at the old house on wooden canvas:

photo 4Ry’s old license from when he lived in Yellowknife.  Why is Ontario’s so boring??:

photoReid’s playroom:

photo 5


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