alex & rob: a tuscan inspired wedding

Tanya List

I can’t honestly say that since leaving Toronto i’ve missed it one…but there are a few venues that i did miss setting up Toronto weddings at.  One of those is the Berkeley Church.  There is no other venue like it period.  I just love all the peeling paint, the super high ceiling and it’s simple “cool” factor.

This wedding of Alex & Rob was probably my favourite that i’ve ever done at the Berkeley:)  Alex wanted a “tuscan” feel to all the florals.  She incorporated potted plants of basil and rosemary along with the florals to create a lush tablescape……it was just gorgeous:)

A special thanks to my lady-friend Sabrina Linn for assisting the set up.  Things always look more beautiful when you are around:)

Florals= Tanya, Jessy and Sabrina @ Tanya List Design

Photography= Aron Goss 

Venue= Berkeley Church, Toronto

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laura & scott: trillium resort muskoka september 5th, 2015

Tanya List

The thing i love most about weddings is the happiness that they bring to all involved.  These pictures below taken by the husband & wife team of White Photographie just scream happiness.  Relaxed, casual, natural, and above all beautiful is how i would describe this wedding featured.  So darn happy to be a part of this one:)

p.s just look at that kiss!!!


Florals: Tan, Jessy and Sharon of Tanya List Design

Arch design: best arch of the summer goes to Sharon List (my mama)

Photography: White Photographie

Venue: Trillium Resort & Spa, Muskoka







brittany & ryan july 25th, 2015

Tanya List

This summer i was really, really lucky with the couples that i got to work with .  These two were of the favorites:)  Easy going, trusting, totally in love with each other and also…… colour lovers:)!!!!!!!!!  Please take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous pics by Jaclyn of 3photography.

Florals:  Tanya, Jessy, Reid and Rae-Anne of Tanya List Design

Photography:  Jacyln of 3photography

Planning:  Holly Matrimony

Ceremony Venue: Private cottage

Reception Venue: Dock On the Bay










sarah & thomas a muskoka island wedding

Tanya List

Delivering a wedding to an island is never an easy task.  Lots of planning, organizing (re-organizing), loading/unloading happens before the final product ever comes together.  Bryn and her team at An Artistic Affair did it to perfection.  It is not a job i envy, i don’t think anyone ever can appreciate the amount of work that goes into orchestrating such an event and yet somehow Bryn made it all look easy and effortless.  Please take a peek at these fabulous pics of this relaxed boho island wedding in Muskoka:

Florals= Tanya, Jessy, Amy at Tanya List Design

Planning= Bryn at An Artistic Affair

Photography= Mike at MCphoto Film

Venue= Private cottage Lake Muskoka









joyce & nathan’s windermere house may 30th, 2015

Tanya List

It’s official, the craziness of the 2015 wedding season is coming to an end and i actually have some time to write a blog post!  I really do love that this little wedding floral business has taken off at such a rapid rate……but i’m ready for a little down-time:)

This wedding featured was way back in May but i still think of it all the time.  The colour that exploded everywhere was just incredible and just exactly the way i like it:)  Joyce and Nathan were one of the easiest, most trusting couples of the season, a total dream to work with.  Joyce’s mom was also involved and collected each and everyone of the gorgeous copper pots that all the florals were arranged in……best vessels of the season!!!

Florals= Tanya List Design

Planning/styling= Bryn Allison, An Artistic Affair

Photography= Wendy, WMAC Photography

Cake= Erin, Sweet Confections

Venue= Windermere House









dani & carlos, port cunnington magic

Tanya List

If you want to see two people truly happy just look at these pics below.  I love smiling people, it really never gets old does it?  Plus Dani has the “best back of a dress award” this summer……ahhh, so amazing…..she might also get the “best hair” award as well (you know how i feel about short blonde hair=love).

Kate Hood too these really, really, really gorgeous pics.  She has a way that makes everything look effortless and natural.  These are some of my fave pics she has ever taken:)

Florals= Tanya List Design

Photography= Kate Hood

Planning/styling= Love By Lynzie

Venue= Port Cunnington Lodge, Muskoka

The Vow Project makes it to Green Wedding Shoes:)

Tanya List

This is one of those photo shoots that kind of just turned out perfectly.  There is nothing that i would have changed (except the Pan Am Toronto traffic).   This shoot was produced by the two creative minds of Lynzie of Love By Lynzie & Jennifer of Ferre Sposa.  The two fabulous ladies created 3 events that real-life-brides can enter to win top to bottom styled shoots….kind of a wicked prize if you ask me.  This concept is called: The Vow Project

All i’m gonna say is GREEN WEDDING SHOES.  I’ve been in this business for more years than i will admit.  The Green Wedding shoes blog was one of the first of it’s kind and was amazing from the beginning……and has kept at the top of the Wedding Blog game for years…..

Here are a few pics from “The Snuggle Sesh” below and some behind the scenes pics:)  For the full blog post go to

Event Coordination & Styling | Blue Lavender EventsLexington and Co Events
Photography | Scarlet O’Neill
Videography | Wild and Free Films
Dinner | Momofuku Nikai
Event Stationery | Beet & Path Designs
Hafsah Styling | Ferre Sposa Bridal Boutique
Kas Styling | Highboy Menswear
Jewellery Styling | LUVYT
Florals | Tanya List Design
Hair & Makeup | Muah Beauty
Furniture Rentals | Warehouse 84
Transportation | Park Lane Limousine
Sweets & Savouries | Le Dolci Cupcakes and Cakes
Venue | The Burroughes



Scarlette & Charlie, June 20th, 2015

Tanya List

Well it’s been a bazillion years since i’ve written a blog post.  This summer is probably the craziest of my life…..50 plus weddings (and still booking)…..interior design jobs….outdoor home reno’s……and wait, i have a 3 year old too:)  This coming week i’m taking a vacay from wedding work, booked it off for my sanity.  Hopefully i can get caught up on a few items around the house and spend some quality time with my little lady:)

Here are some pics of a gorgeous wedding produced by Lynzie and the Love by Lynzie team in Toronto at 99 Sudbury:)  This wedding features some of my fave vendors of all-time…..i’m a lucky girl to be included in this bunch:)

Wedding planning/styling/production= Love By Lynzie

Florals= Tanya List Design

Cake=  Nadia & Co

Photography= Focus

Stationary= Beet and Path

Venue= 99 Sudbury








hannah & Kyle port cunnington lodge may 30th, 2015

Tanya List

Hannah is the gorgeous sister of Jessy that works with me here at the studio.  In fact Jessy has 4 sisters all together….and one lucky brother:)  This family is the kind that you just want to hang out with over a fire (and a cocktail) and are so bloody amazing as people it almost doesn’t seem real.  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know them over the last 2 years and i’m so happy that they have come into my life.  All sisters are bridesmaids, yup they all pretty much look like Jessy, gorgeous long-haired brunettes.  Sister Amy and bridesmaid Keirstin also help at the studio here from time to time when we have tons of weddings to create and deliver.  I hope you enjoy these fabulous pics taken by Katelin Barkey at the truly Muskokan lodge called Port Cunnington in Muskoka.

Flowers/styling/fabulous sista= Jessy Beck

Venue= Port Cunnington Lodge, Muskoka

Photography= Katelin Barkey

Makeup/fabulous sista= Amy Marcelli

Hair= Jessica Manninger





Jessy & Hannah:)





while the ladies are getting ready…..








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