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This gorgeous wedding was featured this week on the super cute wedding blog Perfect Wedding Magazine.   The wedding was from last summer here in Muskoka at Windermere House:)  I already posted this bright colourful wedding a few months back on the blog here:  https://tanyalist.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/windermere-house-rowell-photography-bryn-allison-sweetest-couple-of-the-year/

It’s so gorgeous though, so it deserves a double post:)


Muskoka Wedding, Windermere House : Jennifer & Kevin

Tanya List

Jennifer & Kevin were one of the first couples to book there wedding flowers with me after moving my life from the big city, back home to Muskoka.  In fact our first meeting, the studio was still under construction and there were boxes everywhere and we had to meet in my living room:)  They thankfully could see my love for arranging flowers through the mess of my house!!!

Please take a look at the beautiful pics taken by Jenny at One Worth Framing

Florals: Tanya List Design

Makeup:  Melanie at Muskoka Makeup Artisty

Venue:  Windermere House






tanyalistdesign.windermere. muskoka.weddingmuskokabeer.windermerehouse.oliverandbonnicini


Cassandra & Andrew ….and Gayle:)

Tanya List

I’m not sure if it’s Muskoka or the people that are drawn to getting married here (or both)….but since my move back home, i’ve  had the pleasure this summer of working with some of my most favourite couples and their families in my 15 year “wedding florist” career.  Easy going-happy couples and sweet funny loveable mothers and fathers is what sums up the Garas family.  If I didn’t love my family soooo much i would ask to be a part of this one:)!!!lol

Please look at these gorgeous pics taken by the super talented photographer Lushana Bale at the stunning Windermere House here in Muskoka. http://www.lushanabalephotography.com/windermere-house-muskoka-wedding


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