grand entrance for a tiny house:)

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Our little house here in Bracebridge is 1350 square feet on the main level, and the finished basement (that ry and i sleep in) is another 850 square feet……..When you see the size of our entrance way it really doesn’t match the rest of the house, its HUGE!  The tiles and light fixtures were already at the house when we arrived…not my favourite, but for now i’m making them work:)

Our front entrance even has french doors to the backyard!

photo 8

Wooden dresser from the bracebridge restore= $75

Art i made a few years back.  With paint and wooden canvas it cost about =$50

Runner, from my fave…home sense:)= $80

Poppies on a cold winter day…= $priceless

photo 10photo 4

photo 3

Reid making her first painting:)

photo 14photo 13

photo 15

Picture wall:

Large mirror i bought about 3 years ago, yup at home sense, it had a chip in it and i paid= $250!!!!

photo 6

Ry’s mom and dad, and my parents…perhaps a few years back:)

photo 7photo 12

A little girls bathroom

Tanya List

Reid’s bathroom is slowly coming together:)  Here are some pics of some of the items collected and created in the last few weeks.  As always obsessed with homemade art and photographs people i know.  (New lighting, paint to come) If i could have it my way, i would decorate for little girls and little girls only……:)

I made this piece of art a few years back, looks amazing in Reids new bathroom:

photo-2 copy 8

Bathmat from home sense, shower curtain pom-pom sewn on by grandma:

photo-2 copy 6photo-2 copy 5photo-4

Sister (auntie kelly) riding a mini-pony….please pay attention to the smile on her face in all 3 pics!!!:

photo-2 copy 4

Ry and i at 8.5 months pregnant:

photo-2 copy 2Reid at 5 days old:

photo-2 copy 3

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