My sista Leigh Ann’s playroom/den

A few weeks back i headed to Ottawa to help my sister Leigh Ann decorate her basement.  It’s easy to design for her, we love pretty much the same things….lots of jeans in our closet, large colourful jewellery and both of us may have a slight pillow problem…’s actually hereditary….thanks mom:)

She already had the basics: couch, ottoman and a light (which was busted and ry brought back to life) and a bunch of pics that needed to be hung.  We just needed to give it some lov’in.   Her husband Sean already had the back wall painted ‘sheffied gray’, and put some fresh stone and reclaimed wood on the now gorgeous fireplace.   All that was needed of me was to purchase a few items and bring it all together.

Take a peak at the room:

Leigh has 2 Yellowknife licence plates, a step up from my household:)




photo 13

My first painting i ever made.  Leigh is “borrowing it”.

Pillows Tanya List Design.

Reclaimed side table from home sense.

p.s the lady kissing the baby is a stock pic not Leigh:)

photo 19photo 7

Gray vase from home sense, great place to hide the remotes.

Lamp and blue horse (who doesn’t need a blue horse??) Both home sense.

  photo 9 photo 11photo 8

photo 16photo 14


  photo 17photo 18 

photo 12


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