i feel like a computer genius

For those of you who know me well, you would all agree on the fact the when it comes to computers i’m a little “slow”.  I had some really terrible “incidents” with computers way back in the day and it’s scared me for life….beer spilling on my computer (friend you know who you are), a “force” in my body that actually would freeze computers when i touched them, killing 2 computers a few days after the warrantee expired….ect.  Needless to say it’s taken me a few years to get over the bad luck that i’ve had.  Recently though, i feel things are starting to turn around:)  wwhhooaa yyyaaahhh!!  I even so much as dared to start a blog…yup you’re reading it AND just learned a how to use the computer program Pages….thanks to one of my besties Sabrina.  ……… I might even dare to try photoshop in the near future (thanks G for offering to help me)!!!

Here is a clients living room that i’m working on:)

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