reids wall of art

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My little lady Reid is still obsessed with hearts, stars and thankfully flowers:)  I just hung up the rest of her pictures and random goodies that could be attached to the wall with nails or “florist’s sticky tape”….(for those of you not sure of what this is ….it is a must have for any crafty girl)….seriously sticks to anything.

Hearts= bracebridge dollar store, $3

Painted mirror=my grandmothers, free:)

Gold 3-D stars= bought by my mom…wallmart i think, $15

Vanity= alberfoyle antique market, $120

Full length gold mirror=home sense, $45

Embroidered flower art=captians treasures, queen st toronto, $5

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Professional pics from Scott Turnbull Photography

Tanya List

Well, lets just get it out there…..Scott Turnbull was my grade 3 boyfriend….i think he passed me a note with the words “do you want to be my girlfriend” and i had to check a box “yes” or “no”, and that was it…we became boyfriend/girlfriend:)  Since then Scott professionally has become one of the best photographers that i’ve ever worked with.  Personally remains to be one hell-of-a-guy to his friends, and to his gorgeous wife Miranda and 2 little peanuts:)

Scott came to take a few pics of the 1/2 renovated house a few weeks back for the article in Muskoka Magazine.  Please take a peek: kidsbedrooms,, Muskoka.interiordesign

some ribbon macrame

Tanya List

My newest obsession is with macrame. I’ve been cutting and copying images for months now. Never have i ever attempted it before, but i thought what the hell:)  I needed a little something for Reids bedroom that would add a touch more colour that wasn’t a painted piece of art.  So i googled macrame and found the easiest knot you could find.  I really hate following any pattern for what ever project i may be into…… i just started randomly tying ribbons together.  Then, through on a few beads (that i’ve had in a box for years) and presto, macrame art for a little ladies bedroom:)

p.s this is a bit of a time consuming project for those of you who wish to try it at home…lol

photo 6







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