turquoise signing table

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The painting of the “signing table” was actually completed a few weeks back but i’m just getting a moment now to blog about it:)  I’m pretty excited for wedding season to wind down, not that i don’t love creating florals BUT……i have sssoooooooo many decor projects that need to get tackled here in my own house and a few new clients jobs to start…yyaaahhhh!

This signing table is actually used in my own front entranceway, this is now the second time i’ve painted it….i wasn’t totally in love with the first attempt, sometimes you just need a “re-do”, so i painted it “Capri Seas” from my local Benjamin Moore. Check out the before post http://tanyalist.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/grand-entrance-for-a-tiny-house/  I’ve also used it several times for a wedding “signing table” rental and photo shoots.

Before signing table and Mama List hard at work sanding:

photo 10



photo 3

Shell planters that i bought off my crafty friend Lynzie Kent

photo 8

photo 7

A little pic created by Reid (and Jenn from daycare):

photo 6

A little before & after: side table edition

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Well it’s officially wedding season and the new business is in bloom:)  Not quite as much time to squeeze in home reno projects but here is a little one to tide you over:)  If you missed my earlier “bedroom makeover” please check out the rest.

before: grey ikea side tables that i’ve had for years, cute but boring:)

photo copy

after: gorgeous “nacho cheese” from the amazing Bracebridge Benjamin Moore

photo 5 copy 2

stump love

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Ry and our friend Alex from Life Images Photography, cut down a GIANT (not-so-heathy) tree a few weeks back.  As soon as it was down, Tiff (Alex’s wife and my favourite design dreamer) started coming up with a million decor ideas that we could make out of the tree:)

This is the first of many to come (hopefully a whole outdoor living room will be crafted in the summer)………:)


This is super easy, all you need is a stump, drill, 3 wheels and some muscle:

stump=$no charge

wheels, 3@4.99(home depo)=$14.97

carpet, ecarpetgallery (a must visit for the decor obsessed)=$170.00




brightening up the basement bedroom

Tanya List

Until Ry and I figure out exactly what we are doing with adding a new garage/addition to our little house….we are stuck sleeping in the basement.  We gave Reid the one bedroom upstairs and my workspace (studio) took over what was supposed to be our bedroom:)  So i figured since we are down in the basement for a least another 6 months- year we needed a little colour infused into our space.

I still need to paint the walls and the side tables, but to start, i updated the headboard and pillows.

Pillow problem


Before/after headboard:

before: grey boring headboard that i’ve had for years= $30 at the furniture bank toronto

after: fabricland to-die-for floral fabric=$60 for 3 meters



before/after pillow:

before, carpets from target @20=40$


Fabricland fabric, for both pillows= $20

Feather inserts from ikea, 2@6=$12


The painted stencil (just a sample i made….still have the whole wall to make):

Royal design studio stencils


Carpet ikea= around 200ish (i’ve had it for a while, i can’t remember)


full room shot.  Notice the Hudson’s Bay blanket….it started the whole makeover…..thanks to my bestie Miranda for the amazing house warming:)

….thinking about painting the side tables yellow??!!??



stencil chair makeover

Tanya List

While still living in Toronto i was out for a run and came across this chair on the side of the road.  I ran home and dragged ry back with me..(do we really need another chair Tanya????…says ry)…oh yes, yes we do…:)

I cleaned it up and left it in the sun all afternoon and it didn’t look half bad.  My intention was to get it re-covered completely in fabric, but then i came across these stencils on-line www.royaldesignstudio.com.  AMAZING.  Now all i’m thinking is, how many items in my house can i re-cover with stencils??!!??

Naked chair before:

Chair=$free on the streets of Toronto

     photo 13

Add some chalk paint (amazing paint product, can’t believe this is the first time i’ve used it)  For all colours=about $70

 (I have soooo much left over that it doesn’t even look like i touched the containers….tons more projects to do.)

Stencil from royal design studio, this one is called african plumes: $33

photo 15photo 14

Painting steps:

photo 12photo 10

photo 9 copy 2

Final product:

photo copy 4

photo 7 copy 2

studio floors

Tanya List

As the studio is still finishing up…..professional pics to come:)  I thought i would share a few more before/afters.

First start with the combo:

1 coat “cloud white” paint diluted 1/2 & 1/2 with water + 1 coat “golden oak”stain + 3 coats of polyurethane

= cheap, cool, durable flooring

photo 2 copy 2

plywood floors before/after:

photo copy 3photo 5 copy

photo 3 copy

Rolling tool kit.  I have to give the credit to Ry on this one….he is the “tool man/macgyver”.  He said that i must have one, and damn he was right….look at my storage!  Plus it’s made ridiculously well!!  This was the splurge on the room, although regular price it would have been just shy of $1500, Canadian Tire has a one day sale…..we got itn%60 off!!

Before, boring tool kit:

photo 22

After: amazing work bench.  I really wanted to get it professionally painted turquoise, but, for now it’s out of the budget. So for now i wrapped  some leftover grasscloth along the front to hide it’s black exterior.

photo 9 copyphoto 7 copy

Sconces before/after: i wonder how many cans of gold spray paint a girl can use??!??

photo 3photo 3 copy 2

sneak peek at my new studio space

Tanya List

All i can say is yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!  The studio is about 80 % done:)  It really does looks fantastic.  The natural light that floods in the space is priceless.  Here are a few before and afters that i would love to show you!

Here is a workspace that i’ve been dreaming about for years!

Table top, John at Muskoka Heritage Woodworking (amazing man)= $450

Butterfly beaded light, vintage shop on Queen St Toronto= $150

Amber globe light, the Good Will in Etobicoke= $8

photo 6

photo copy

Stool before & After:

Stools, homesense= $60 each

Coral Essance paint= Left over from Reids bedroom dresser

Leopard fabric= scrap’s from years ago



photo 5

Mirror before and after:

Mirrors, Bracebridge Restore=$15 each

Spray paint, Home Depo= $20

photo 21photo 9

photo 4


grand entrance for a tiny house:)

Tanya List

Our little house here in Bracebridge is 1350 square feet on the main level, and the finished basement (that ry and i sleep in) is another 850 square feet……..When you see the size of our entrance way it really doesn’t match the rest of the house, its HUGE!  The tiles and light fixtures were already at the house when we arrived…not my favourite, but for now i’m making them work:)

Our front entrance even has french doors to the backyard!

photo 8

Wooden dresser from the bracebridge restore= $75

Art i made a few years back.  With paint and wooden canvas it cost about =$50

Runner, from my fave…home sense:)= $80

Poppies on a cold winter day…= $priceless

photo 10photo 4

photo 3

Reid making her first painting:)

photo 14photo 13

photo 15

Picture wall:

Large mirror i bought about 3 years ago, yup at home sense, it had a chip in it and i paid= $250!!!!

photo 6

Ry’s mom and dad, and my parents…perhaps a few years back:)

photo 7photo 12

reids wall of art

Tanya List

My little lady Reid is still obsessed with hearts, stars and thankfully flowers:)  I just hung up the rest of her pictures and random goodies that could be attached to the wall with nails or “florist’s sticky tape”….(for those of you not sure of what this is ….it is a must have for any crafty girl)….seriously sticks to anything.

Hearts= bracebridge dollar store, $3

Painted mirror=my grandmothers, free:)

Gold 3-D stars= bought by my mom…wallmart i think, $15

Vanity= alberfoyle antique market, $120

Full length gold mirror=home sense, $45

Embroidered flower art=captians treasures, queen st toronto, $5

photo 6photo 4photo 5photo 2

Professional pics from Scott Turnbull Photography

Tanya List

Well, lets just get it out there…..Scott Turnbull was my grade 3 boyfriend….i think he passed me a note with the words “do you want to be my girlfriend” and i had to check a box “yes” or “no”, and that was it…we became boyfriend/girlfriend:)  Since then Scott professionally has become one of the best photographers that i’ve ever worked with.  Personally remains to be one hell-of-a-guy to his friends, and to his gorgeous wife Miranda and 2 little peanuts:)

Scott came to take a few pics of the 1/2 renovated house a few weeks back for the article in Muskoka Magazine.  Please take a peek:


www.tanyalist.ca. kidsbedrooms, muskoka.scottturnbullphotographywww.tanyalist.ca.scottturnbullphotography.muskoka www.tanyalist.ca, Muskoka.interiordesign

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