Anna & Mike June 10th, 2017

Tanya List

Anna gets the easiest bride of the summer award.  She was just so flipping nice to work with!!!!!  Easy going, super sweet with fabulous taste…..i could drink coffee and chat with her all day:)

Anna & Mike got married at one of my favorite venues in Muskoka, Muskoka Lakes Golf  & Country Club (yup i used to work there when i was about 16 years old….  This venue has had a make over since my days there, and has a very relaxed/casual feel to it, with some of the best water views in Muskoka.

Jessy killed the set up of this wedding, with one of the best arch designs of the summer!!!!!!!!!


ps the black and white shots that Taylor took are really really amazing.

Florals= Tanya List Design

Venue= Muskoka Lakes Golf & Country Club

Photography= Taylor Roades Photography

Dress= Darling Bridal




Katie & Mark June 3rd, 2017

Tanya List

Soooooooo it’s been a very long time since i’ve last written a blog……… This past summer was the busiest summer work wise i have EVER had.  Extremely rewarding wedding wise, but was personally too busy and my family life got the short end of the stick.  Next summer we are taking on a lot less in the wedding department so i can have time to play with Reid, lay in the sun and wake surf::))  2018 Brides please take notice, we have only a limited amount of space left::)

The good news is that i have an obscene amount of weddings pics to post over the coming months!!!!  The first to be featured is Katie and Mark.  Katie seriously is one of the warmest, happiest, funniest girls i think i’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  She has a loud amazing laugh and seems like she is always up for a good time!!! (my kind of girl).  As you will see from these really really fabulous pics taken by my friend Scott Turnbull, is that Katie simply has the best damn smile ever!!!!


ps make sure to scroll to the bottom……looks like this wedding was a bit of a party….:)

Florals= Tanya List Design

Photography= Scott Turnbull Photography

Planning= Lucy Myers Events

Venue= Port Cunnington Lodge, Muskoka

Hair= The Hudson Hair Salon

Makeup= Muskoka Makeup Artistry

Dress= Peal Bridal House

Maids Dresses= Show me your mumu

K+M Wedding 053K+M Wedding 130K+M Wedding 174K+M Wedding 214K+M Wedding 335K+M Wedding 369K+M Wedding 379K+M Wedding 397K+M Wedding 502K+M Wedding 520K+M Wedding 326K+M Wedding 268K+M Wedding 272K+M Wedding 416K+M Wedding 659K+M Wedding 737K+M Wedding 736K+M Wedding 775K+M Wedding 849K+M Wedding 804K+M Wedding 876

Natalie & Sean, Brooklands Farm October 1st 2016

Tanya List

Well it was a very cold day in October…..very cold:)  But these two most certainly didn’t let it bother them.  This super-cool understated couple did a fabulous job bringing this wedding together.  I loved every details of this wedding.  Natalie’s boot, dress, flower crown, Sean’s tie and HAIR!  Seriously, this straight/thin haired girl has some serious hair envy over here…… The photographer Paul Krol i had never worked with before (but i hope to again) took some really fabulous pics that really show the intimate side to this wedding.  You can just tell that these two people absolutely adore each other:)

ps scroll to the bottom and see some seriously great dance party pics::)

Flowers= Tanya List Design

Photographer= Paul Krol

Venue=Brooklands Farm


Holly & Mike, Sherwood Inn

Tanya List

This couple was possibly one of the easiest couples i have EVER worked with, EVER…….and i’ve created over 2000 weddings over the years……  Super relaxed, easy going and made me laugh on more than one occasion.  It also helped that they enlisted the planning/stylist guru Cynthia Martyn to design the wedding.  All details were perfectly Muskoka, take a look for yourselves:)

Florals= Tanya List Design

Planning= Cynthia Martyn

Venue= Sherwood Inn

Photography= Brian Mosoff

Tent= Affair Tent

Tableware= Plate occasions

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Kim & Mike::))

Tanya List

Where do i begin with this wedding…….first off Kim & I have know each other since Kindergarten. We really didn’t start hanging out with one another until grade 3 (since we were always in different classes),  but ever since then there has been a certain group of lady friends that still hang out till this very day. All the bridesmaid in the wedding went to school together, all of us turned 40 this year and all of us had our dads present to dance with at Kim’s wedding.  It really was a family affair with an amazing amount of laughs and plenty of tears.   My dad still can’t stop talking about how it was “the best wedding i have ever been too”.  Seriously it was incredible.  Scott Turnbull the amazing photographer and Kim actually grew up beside each other since the day they were born and are like brother and sister.  I really can’t stress enough about the love floating around all day……..just look at the pic of Kim and her dad, i get tears every time………

I would also like to shout out to all the people that helped with the setup and design that day (we also had 3 other weddings that day)…..lets just say i had a fair amount to drink that later that night……… Thank u: Jessy Beck, Sabrina Linn, Rae Ann Dion, Sharon List, Amy Marcelli, Miranda Britton, all the groomsmen….i think that is everyone.  Team effort for sure on this one, i love u all!!!!!!!

Flowers= Tanya List Design

Photography= Scott Turnbull Photography

Venue= Trillium Resort & Spa, Muskoka

K+M Wedding 020

K+M Wedding 039

K+M Wedding 450

K+M Wedding 442K+M Wedding 435

K+M Wedding 431

K+M Wedding 074

K+M Wedding 326

K+M Wedding 178K+M Wedding 328

K+M Wedding 342

K+M Wedding 345

K+M Wedding 352

K+M Wedding 341

K+M Wedding 387

K+M Wedding 366

K+M Wedding 136

K+M Wedding 146

K+M Wedding 315

K+M Wedding 175

K+M Wedding 148

K+M Wedding 214

K+M Wedding 194

K+M Wedding 235

K+M Wedding 105 copy

K+M Wedding 025

K+M Wedding 026

K+M Wedding 027

K+M Wedding 033

K+M Wedding 460

K+M Wedding 526

september 4th, 2016

Tanya List

It’s no secret that i love a fall wedding.  All flowers and greens just look so damn rich this time of year.  Janice & Brads Muskoka wedding was just that.  Mostly neutrals with pops of pink, marsala & navy, a winning combo for this absolutely adorable couple……ps best beard of the season for Brad:)

Florals= Tanya List Design

Photography= Leeann Watson

Venue= Port Cunnington Lodge, Muskoka
















Island Wedding Muskoka

Tanya List

This wedding is probably our most intimate to date.  The couple rented a cottage on an Island in Muskoka and had a few close friends and family join them for this fabulous fall wedding. The pics taken by uber fabulous Aisling of Oak & Myrrh Photography speak to why I think Muskoka is by far the best place in the world to get married.  Just look and see for yourself:)

Florals= Tanya List Design

Photography= Oak & Myrrh Photography

Venue= Private cottage Cherry Island, Muskoka













Jessica & Jeff September 24th, 2016

Tanya List

I looovvveeed this bride Jessica.  Happy, positive, really loved flowers and really really loves wine.  Seriously, what more could i ask for???!

Jessica married Jeff at the amazing Muskoka Bay Club in Gravenhurst.  For those who haven’t been to the venue it’s the perfect place to get married.  Situated on a gorgeous award-winning golf course, the club house is filled with natural light. All the finishing are neutral (no tacky carpet here to compete with) plus the food is incredible:)

Please take a peek at the fabulous pics take by Laura Clarke……

Florals= Tanya List Design

Photography= Laura Clarke Photography

Makeup= Melanie, Muskoka Makeup Artistry

Venue= Muskoka Bay Club, Muskoka





The green wedding

Tanya List

I’ve always wanted to create an all green wedding. Maddie let me do just that::))) ALL floral elements were green except for the few white astrantia in her floral crown.

This was the single windiest day i have EVER had setting up a wedding……  I almost blew off a ladder several times while decorating the chuppah (i included a few “windy” pics to prove my point).  I actually had to run inside twice because it started to downpour.  Lets just say i used about 100 zip tie’s to hold the greens on the chuppah……but in the end the sun came out and the outdoor ceremony was simply gorgeous set in the middle of the lake.

Please take a look at the pictures below taken by the lovely photographer Daring Wanderer Weddings.


ps Maddie had my favourite dress of the summer on::))

Florals= Tanya List Design

Photography= Daring Wanderer Weddings

Planning= A to Z Event Management

Venue= Private Cottage, Muskoka







Happy bride brings positive vibes

Tanya List

To lift my spirits today along came some pics from one of this summers brides Ashley.  From the first email i could tell this girl was a “keeper”.  Super positive, happy and in love:) It is important to note that i have never actually met Ashley in person.  This “happiness” that she radiates came from emails and phone calls….she used a lot of !!!! and CAPITALS……just the way i do, i loved it:)

Please look at the stunning pics by one of my favourite photographers Oak & Myrrh Photography.

Florals= Tanya List Design

Photographer= Oak & Myrrh Photography

Venue= Clevelands House, Muskoka





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